On Thursday 18th May I drove down with Pringle to see some friends, attend a friend’s leaving do, and spend my birthday.

We arrived at the site at about 8.30pm just after their cut off time of 8. I had phoned ahead and left a message, but had no signal to receive the return call. The journey took about 5-5.5 hours in the van.

Thankfully someone was available to sign us in – I’d paid for one night only, with EHU on hardstanding (only £1pn more than grass) in case it was too far/expensive/unsuitable for our needs, but the following morning I extended this to 6 nights. I was near to the shower block, water point, sussed out where the grey and black waste went, and looked in the little office ‘shop’ where they sold essentials.

I’m glad I had bought (and brought) my electric kit – single hob, slow cooker, microwave (yes I know, it’s inbuilt), and was glad for the electrical radiators, as this meant no using gas this week! Although they sold that too incase I ran out.

The site had a pond/lake in the middle with all kinds of wildlife, my favourite being the ducks with their 8 ducklings, and the geese with their 2 goslings! So fluffy!

There was also a nice path that split into many for dog walks 🙂

19th+21st: I had a chance to meet my best friend’s new baby, who is now 4 weeks old. I’ve never been broody, but now motherhood looks good!

20th: My friend’s leaving do was nice, a lot of friends in common meant I got to catch up with many people at once, we spent most of the afternoon and evening in the pub and Pringle was so good she didn’t complain (I think she loved the attention!) She even slept, and only asked for a wee once (so I took her to find some grass)

I had been worried about rehoming the cats before being able to move into the van. At the ‘do’, V&R mentioned they had been looking for a cat that would be ok being alone daytimes as they commute from Basingstoke to London. The cat would have access to outside via a cat flap and could have access to the tiled kitchen all day. I’ve invited then to see how the cats live with me, in case there are any teething issues with them moving in, and in case they are too loud for example, I wouldn’t want them being moved around unnecessarily! R grew up with Burmese cats so is used to their vocalness 🙂

22nd: On my birthday I felt less birthday-like than ever before, but spend the evening with C&G having a nice meal and doggy times at The White Hart, Wood Street Village. Bless Pringle, she doesn’t know doggy etiquette yet (no don’t get on the table, and no you can’t run circles around them to make them play)

Overnight there was a potential terrorist attack on Manchester Arena which is scary, being that I live so close. My thoughts are with the 19 confirmed dead, their families, and the 50 injured, as well as children and parents separated, and anyone else affected.

23rd: This will be the last day here. Hoping to see R&P again, and perhaps go swimming.

Overall the weather was nicer than I had bargained for! I wish I hadn’t just brought jeans now! Over 20 degrees most days.

I will allow myself some time today for my thoughts about my cousin, taken too young. He would be 30 today.