So I think I might head back to the house tomorrow seeing as I’ve made 2 days of food and clothes last a week! I clearly still overpacked (or packed well!)

Today I took my synthetic dreads out and washed the ‘fro. Here it is before brushing…

And after…

Here’s the van with the impressive awning up! It looks like I’ve altered the colours but I haven’t. A storm was brewing!

My perfectionism says I should sort out the twists in the yellow straps but a tip F gave me was to add a couple of twists to stop them slapping together in the wind!

Pringle now carries her lead with her, I’m guessing as I’ve been tying her to the ground spike with a long trailing lead!

She had fun sitting in the sun for a lot of the day though while I dozed 🙂

There were hot air balloons and a bi-plane earlier, but the pics are on the big camera.
I wrote a list of things to bring, and things to buy too:

I was considering venturing to the pub tonight, but as I still had my favourite to cook, I had pasta carbonara 🙂

And am now settled down with Pringle as usual under the duvet.

I’ve just drank my cold tea 😦  (Why can i never remember it’s there?!!)

Forgot to tell anyone, I have also tried Pease Pudding this week… that’s a strange thing! Eaten with ham in a sandwich for instance it is spreadable yellow and the consistency of a thick pate I think. Made of yellow split peas and not much else!


So I spent:

  • £48 pitch
  • £23 social + some outdoorsy clothes I’m not including
  • £4 local transport + £20 return fuel (estimated)