Since Thursday I’ve been on a temporary holiday site near York – I think there’s a NE CCC or BCC meetup here as there’s​ lots of people, and this’ll continue for weeks with activities planned this weekend.

I came so F&L could look at my 12v problem with the 10″ TV/freeview, and at the same time brought my newly purchased 21.5″ Aldi TV (£125). F found the problem was simply a fuse that had been hiding from me, which was both good and frustrating!
I wish I’d known this could be longer than 2 nights as I now don’t want to leave. I think I’ll stay until my BBQ plans on Monday, and then think about coming back. This meetup has happened for 15 years running now!

Today I ventured into York by bus with F&L. She has pains like me, so we tried not to overdo it, spent a few hours there, visited a church cafe, then returned.

Please excuse the photo of the thumbnail on the back of my camera, of York Minster. I can’t be bothered to upload to my laptop to upload to here!

I’m getting my steps in better since camping! And Pringle has had multiple daily runs in the field nearby off lead 🙂

Now chilling in Mavis with Pringle, the setting sun still lovely behind my privacy curtains.