I know, I know, such a flattering picture!

This blog isn’t going to be all pretty, but it is going to be a real account of my trials and tribulations of hitting the road in my van with my dog. And perhaps if its repairing or ruining what’s left of my mental health.

So here I am at 12:55pm on Wednesday 12th April 2017, setting this blog up.

Last night I slept in the van comfortably, with a poorly aligned aerial for freeview, and no idea what to eat for dinner – that’s not a new thing to being in the van. From the house I grabbed beans and cheese, bread, and cookies for something to get me used to preparing stuff in the van. I ended up not eating any as it got too late. I had a hot chocolate and retired to a cosy bed as I hooked up the electric through the kitchen window to indoors.

I kept track of the cost of electric overnight, with the heating on (as I couldn’t figure out how to turn the electric radiators off (had 15 degrees all night which was more pleasant than last night’s 11)) as I’m on a PAYG meter in the house. It went from £8.22 down to £7.56ish with a few hours of charging my battery in there too (and any electric used in the house – fridge and mild heating). I added a hat, gloves, and bed socks for a comfier night’s sleep too.

The cats were hungry this morning as they didn’t get to wake me from 5am for their breakfast, as they were in the house, and they had to wait until 10.30! Doggo was happy to wait, as long as she was by my side! Bless.

I now plan to have a shower and get dressed – probably should have brought a change of clothes – d’oh!


I’ve been keeping an eye out for nights away with the van this week, knowing it’s easter and not wanting to have ALL THE SCREAMING KIDS next door.

Chester has Camperfest – a food and drink festival with motorhomes galore for £35 for the weekend. Some people being their own, and just try a bit of the food so that sounds doable on a budget.

F in Durham who sold me the van has also offered to fix my 12v electric that I managed to break yesterday by plugging the freeview in (have checked all the fuses to no avail) He and L are camping Thursday – Saturday just south of York in a picturesque location they were describing to me before. It’s a temporary holiday site (with the Camping & Caravanning Club membership) for about £7pn with water available so I’ll go to learn if I’m doing things right with all the elec/12v/gas as it’s a lot to remember! He had maintained the van for 9 years before selling for a bigger one, and every little thing I was suggesting would be useful to have, he had already thought of and come up with a fix! Hence why i bought the van – barely anything I can do to improve it!